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Taking a night off from the ritual,  members of the  Lodge of Instruction had a fascinating evening in the home  of one of our newer members  last Wednesday.

Bro Nigel Poole kindly invited the LOI to meet at his home in order that they might see first hand his collection recently filmed by the BBC to be included in a programme to be broadcast on national television, featuring Nigel and his special hobby.

Those who were aware of Nigel’s special interest kept the subject matter a secret until everyone arrived at his home. Everyone was amazed that one of our own had built up, over a 25 year period, such a huge collection of Taxidermy.

Nigel has hundreds of excellent examples of what used to be a very popular method of preserving and recording memories of perhaps a special pet or a hunt trophy. Every room in Nigel’s home contains examples with many rooms full from floor to ceiling with every animal you could imagine.

Nigel,with all the enthusiasm of a proud collector, guided us from room to room giving a brief explanation of the history of each piece. 

A quick look at the faces  as we went through his home showed everyone to be in awe of the subject matter and amazed at the sheer scale of the collection.

After a very welcome and excellent home cooked supper, accompanied by a drink or two, Nigel and his wife Jan were thanked for their very kind hospitality and for allowing us the privilege of seeing such a fascinating collection.

Article by Mike Dykes

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