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Recently our lodge has had a regular visitor who has traveled the world in his work associated with the motor industry. Having retired and now put down roots in the Evesham Area he has been a frequent and welcome guest of W Bro Peter Baldry.

W Bro Brian Coleman and W Bro Peter Baldry became friends through their children who in part shared the same educational establishment resulting in the families coming together and Peter and Brian have remained friends ever since.

Peter invited Brian to our lodge and he is now a regular, even on the occasions when Peter cannot be present.

When Brian learnt that his nephew, Ben Coleman, was to be initiated into his lodge, Lodge of Industry No 6068 in Essex, and knowing that Ben’s grandfather, Bro  Harry Coleman, would also be present, Brian wanted to make it a special evening for the family and so arranged that he could take the Chair for the Initiation ceremony.

How often does it occur that a family can have such a special Masonic occasion involving three generations.

Bear in mind that Brian was Initiated into Lodge of Industry when he was just 21years and 8 months old making him the youngest ever member of the lodge. That was way back in 1967.  Brian later proposed his Dad, Harry, into Masonry and he was Initiated into the Lodge of Industry at the age of 59 in 1974. Now 96 years of age Harry still attends most meetings although he relies on Brian going down to take him.

And so on Saturday 26th November 2011 the Coleman Family welcomed the latest member of their family into Freemasonry.

Ben is just 21years 2 months and so has wrestled away from Uncle Brian the record of having been the youngest initiate into the lodge for 44 years. I wonder just how long Ben will hold that record. Is there, or will there be, a younger Lewis at some time in the future.

Brian had been thinking of some way to mark this rather unique occasion. He wanted something that would not only be special within the family but something that would become part of the history of the lodge.

He says that during our last meeting, as he watched our latest candidate being presented with the Initiates Trowel Collarette, he suddenly realised that he had just witnessed the very thing.

After a lot of phone calls and running around he managed to have made a silver trowel on which was engraved “Lodge of Industry 6068” on the face side and ” Initiate Collarette. Presented by Bro Harry Coleman to his Grandson Ben Coleman on his Initiation. 26th November 2011″ on the reverse.

After Bro Harry had presented the Working Tools to his grandson, he was joined by W Bro Brian and together they made the first every presentation of the “Lodge of Industry Initiates Collarette” which like ours will be passed on to the latest initiate into the lodge for time immemorial.


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